Paula LaVernge

Paula LaVernge began her porcelain painting career in 1994 but her interest in this type of painting had started in her childhood. Growing up, watching her mother and great aunt pain in this medium, and seeing the beautiful pieces they created gave her the want to succeed in this.┬áHer favorite subjects to paint are animals and birds. She tries to make the eyes tell the story. One stroke of the brush can make the tiger look playful or terrifying. Horses are her favorite subject to paint. Paula was the president of the Lake Charles Porcelain Artists and Teachers for 2 years. She has traveled to Portugal, Spain and around the US distributing and displaying her work. Paula was given and “Honorable Mention” at the International Porcelain Art Convention in Porto Portugal in 2010 for her painting of a work horse. She has studied with various artists in the US and abroad. Porcelain painting has progressed with its designs and inventive ideas but is still one of the oldest forms of painting. The paint never dries and must be fired in a kiln at high temperatures to sink into the glaze. Some pieces are fired many times to get the desired effect. Paula teaches and if you would like to learn, please contact her.

Paula can be reached at

  • Hand Painted Porcelain

    $ 285.00
    Hand painted porcelain tile
    Bird and Nest Vase
    $ 485.00
    Hand painted porcelain vase
    $ 200.00
    Hand painted porcelain tile
    Crawfish Platter
  • Swan
    Lion w/ glasses
    Cat w/ glasses
    Horse w/ glasses